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In an effort to challenge stereotypes and reshape perceptions, Refocus was an art exhibit featuring photography of individuals with visible disabilities. Set to captivate audiences, this incredible event was the result of a unique collaboration between two nonprofits in the local community, Rare by Design and Untitled.10. Our community was invited to celebrate and view these portraits in the brand-new downtown event space: Monick Yards

The core mission of Refocus was to bridge the gap between initial perceptions and the rich human experiences that lie beneath visible disabilities. People with visible disabilities often face immediate assumptions and judgments due to their conditions, a reality they cannot conceal. We challenged these preconceived notions through the powerful medium of photography, with the aim of telling unique stories, dismantling stigmas and challenging misconceptions.

Black and white image of 2 walls. The walls together have 8 black and white framed photos. 2 people are looking at them.
Black and white photo of 3 black and white portraits hanging on a wall. 1 female and 1 male looking at the portraits.

Our highly-anticipated exhibit showcased the work of lead artist and photographer, Hollie Leggett, as she skillfully captured 14 individuals with visible disabilities in an editorial and uplifting light. Her artistry shined through each model's custom-styled photo that showcased their distinctive personalities and narratives. This collection of visually stunning and emotionally resonant portraits invited viewers to see beyond the surface and into the lives of these extraordinary individuals. This event also featured accessibility in all forms; from the physical space, to the model biographies and intangibles. 

Black and white photo of 1 female flipping through a book on a table. Behind her is a drink bar and table.

A unique addition to the exhibit was the Refocus book, an in-depth and enduring piece that we are so proud of. It featured a special compilation of intimate interviews with each of the models, exclusive portraits, as well as words from those instrumental in bringing this extraordinary experience to life. Find the digital book here!

Black and white photo of stacks of books on a table with flowers. The books have text on them that says 'Refocus'.
Black and white photo of a large room of people standing and sitting. People are talking and looking at 8 black and white portraits hanging on a walls.
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